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Agustín Santana, 19.03.2024

A little story

Steve, very encouraged to win, tells me last Friday:
Tomorrow is the big game, Ireland Scotland. In this house loyalties are divided.
Steve and Sandra were confident their team would win the next day, but reality set in:
Ireland 17 Scotland 13.

With Saturday over, and Steve’s sadness at the beating he received, loyalty returned to the house. Music always unites:

«This St. Patrick’s Day, we highlight the 7 million Irish diaspora around the world and our pride in the achievements of our young people everywhere.
SOUND OFF! Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’ was arranged by conductor David Brophy and the choir was also trained and recorded at the National Orchestra of Ireland, with lead singer Juliette Crosby.»

The Irish Diaspora is the phenomenon of emigration of the people of Ireland from their native island throughout history. This process dates back to medieval times, although it only began to be quantified from the 18th century onwards.

Irish migration waves have almost always been to the United Kingdom and other Anglo-Saxon countries, such as the United States and Australia. Over the last three centuries, an estimated 10 million people have left the country. Today there are an estimated 100 million people of Irish ancestry around the world.

The Scots have a long history in Canada, dating back several centuries. Many towns, rivers and mountains have been named after Scottish explorers and traders such as Mackenzie Bay and the major city of Calgary, Alberta, is named after a Scottish beach. Notably, the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia is Latin for Nova Scotia. Once, the Scots formed the vanguard of the movement of Europeans across the continent. In more modern times, emigrants from Scotland have played a leading role in Canada’s social, political and economic history, prominent in banking, trade unions and politics.

HAPPY END, Ireland 1 Scotland 1

Greetings to Sandra and Steve from Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.

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